My love of crystals brought me here.

I love helping people grow and find their path. I have done this through readings, energy healings, and crystal work. My favorite modality is crystals. So, I am here to share my love with you! I can proudly say this is a woman veteran owned business.

Erathan is a combination of my name and my husband's name, showing our intense commitment to the business. Emptor is Latin for buyer or to buy. I began Erathan February 29th, 2016. Erathan has taken me on a wonderfully wild ride with internet ventures and direct sales at shows and outdoor venues. I have sold at city celebrations in Oregon and beer and wine Jazz concerts in Washington State just to name a few. Sadly, COVID has made an impact in all of our lives. So here I am on ETSY!!! Loving Etsy. Thank you everyone that has purchased a new crystal for their forever (our lifetime) homes.

Rica Lynn

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